Desi Cabaret – Where stand up comedy meets Indie Music

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On Saturday 1st of July, something amazing happened at Thotspot Karachi. It was the first of its kind. A show which had flavors of the two most popular leisure activities in Karachi at the moment (And no i’m not talking about food). The famous comedian Hassaan Bin Shaheen collaborated with the Indie sensation E Sharp for a show that would create a new benchmark in history. This was the Desi Cabaret.

Picking out elements from both, the world of comedy and the world of Music, this show entertained a huge audience with people enjoying every bit of it. Talking about the event, Qumber Kazmi the drummer for E Sharp said “It was an experiment Ahmed and I were thinking about for years. Finally we did this with Hassaan and the most difficult part was to bring our way of humor in public and I was really nervous about this because I feel that making people laugh is the most difficult thing. I believe that it is more difficult than doing music. But we did it and people loved it.” And they did love it. With the hall of Thotspot jam packed, it was definitely a successful event. Talking about the event’s future, Hassaan said “I think Desi Cabaret will become a monthly variety show where in the future we aim to involve more music and more comedy. We intend on doing sketches, musical improv, skits and newer songs. We will take things as they come along. No point in planning things. But we are very excited.”

desi cabaret at thotspot

A mix of improv based musical tracks based on audience interaction and some prepared tracks is what made the Desi Cabaret night a success. In the course of the show they played a variety of tracks. From their latest viral track “Kohli Nahi Hota tjhy chase” to “Feminism mardon kay lye” and “Every Coke Studio Song Ever” (Based on a topic given by the audience) the show was packed with excitement.

Both Hassaan Bin Shaheen and E Sharp have observed a boost in their morale after the response of the audience at Desi Cabaret and are planning to make more shows in the future. Stay tuned on their social media pages to stay up to date with future events by these amazing entertainers from Pakistan.

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