Cornetto PopRock – Super Stars in Action!

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It had been a while since something big was done for students, for the music industry and the country – Cornetto’s PopRock was an answer to all these and a lot more. It was a night full of emotions and nostalgic memories, a walk down the aisleĀ of old memories of by gone days when music was a part of everyday life and everyone crazed over Noori’s new track lists, but as time passed, the country started falling out of love for live music perhaps. So this show brought everything back on the map once again I believe. On that day, the Moin Khan Academy in Karachi was transformed into a stage of epic proportions.

A beautiful lineup is what made the most impact in my opinion. The night started off with the finalists from Iqra University. A bunch of talented young individuals who made an impact live on stage. Next was Komal Rizvi, with the signature Dannah pay Dannah that made the audience a bit more enthusiastic. To pump up the audience she even called up on stage three young students to dance and enjoy and be on top of the world! She sang and the audience started getting warmed up for what was coming ahead.

There is no one better than Ali Noor and Ali Hamza who can set the stage on fire just by their presence and this is precisely what they had done at #CornettoPopRock. When they came on stage, it brought back memories of college days – when things were simpler and music was original.

What was next was equally exciting – the original rockstar of Pakistan Ali Azmat came up on stage and the crowd roared with excitement. It was amazing, almost too good to be true to once again see all these amazing people together at the same stage. And then, things went from amazing to great when Ali Zafar came on stage to do his part. The new rockstar even sang a song with a very young fan in the audience.

Apart from the lineup, I must say the decor of the place, the designs that came forward and the ability of the organizers to make sure that everything goes as planned is not something you see with such big crowds and musicians under the same roof. In short, #CornettoPopRock in Karachi was something really extraordinary. If you are in Lahore or Islamabad, I would suggest you stay updated with their dates because pretty soon they are about to rock these two locations as well.

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