Complete Care for Eid with Peridot

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Being a guy cleaning might not be the basic chore for me, but I do prefer looking after my home with my mother and siblings. I’m a clean freak and tend to look after my things a lot more than most guys do. With Eid right around the corner, the need for cleaning up goes up to the next level.

Fortunately, I received a care package from Peridot Products that are the manufacturers and distributors of Pakistan’s leading household and cleaning brands. The package was indeed a treat with brands like KIWI, GLINT, INSEGUARD and BLACK CAT! Products ranged from shoe care creams, and shiners, surface cleaners, toilet cleaners, furniture and leather polish, brass polish, insect repellents, glass cleaners and personal care talcum powder. I recently used the chrome polish on my car tools and they shined up like a charm! Also, the shoe care products have come in quite handy.

This care package has mainly made my Mom’s life a 100 times easier before the Eid clean-up mission and I’m looking forward to all her happy stories while using and reviewing the products sent over with love and care, by Peridot Products.

Once again, thank you Peridot for this amazing care package.

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