A Comedy Show Worth Attending

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The comedy culture in Pakistan has grown tremendously over the past couple of months with new entrants coming in to showcase their talent. Faraz Ahmed – The Crazee Gentleman is one of these people. A marketer by day, Faraz has learned the value of humor in everyday life and is now going forward with his first solo performance on 14th of April at the PACC in Karachi.

Faraz was recently also invited at the Breakfast Show by Saad Haroon – another famous comedian from Pakistan who has also been a mentor to Faraz.

We have been to a couple of other shows by Faraz as well and we think that his touch of comedy is quite unique. With a natural excess of funnybones in his body, he has so far performed more than 20 times in front of all kinds of audiences and also recently opened for Edward Maya’s concert at Port Grand.

His first solo act is on 14th of April at PACC. Here is the link to the event page on Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/events/1373580062663995/

Tickets for the show are also available at Espresso Tipu Sultan and Espresso Shahbaz and they are also available online at happening.pk – http://bit.ly/CrazeeGentleman

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