Coca Cola – Please Be Yourself Again (A Loyal Fan)

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In the midst of all the chai controversy and how Coke has sparked a supposed “Ad War” in Pakistan, here is what I personally think of the matter.

Coca Cola always stood behind a reason. A strong and powerful reason which made the brand even more exciting. Every piece of communication by Coke used to give us goosebumps. Like this evergreen “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” TVC.

Or maybe this amazing piece on brotherly love that warmed your heart and even made you shed a tear.

To moments of celebrating motherhood.

And even boyhood

Yes, the brand has shifted to other aspects as well, but they still made us feel something at some point. Even the Zalima Coca Pila Day original TVC right around Coke Studio meant something.

But this new range of TVCs coming in trying to take over Tea are completely ridiculous and making us (The fans) stray away from Coke. How can a brand that at its core wants to make people happy, offend them with something that they are very sensitive about. Tea. Yes, we are sensitive about it. I mean, Coke Vs. Pepsi is actually fun and something that we all grew up watching, but Coke Vs. Tea is something which just hurts Coke’s fans.

They are so absurd that I don’t even want to put them in this blog post. This is how pointless they are. A failed drag of the once famous Zalima jingle. I recently read an article somewhere revolving around Karak Coca Cola. Really? A Karak Coca Cola? Seriously? Why would you do that to yourself?

As an individual and a Coke enthusiast who used to love all their TVCs from around the world, at least I no longer feel receptive towards their communication anymore.

Wars, when conducted out of place and out of context hurt people. Be it an actual war or an Ad War. Especially those who are loyal. So Coke, here is a request from someone who has always cherished you as one of the best brands in the world – Please be yourself Again. Please bring back what you actually stood for. We all get strayed away in life but then the best thing to do is to come back on track.

“Please be yourself Again”

Your Loyal Fan,

Faizan Riaz

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