Chaiwala and the Internet World

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Recently a chaiwala based in Islamabad came into the lime light. Well, we have to say that he was quite good looking and he was able to win hearts from across the globe. People hadn’t rejoiced together like this in years. Probably the last time when something happened like this was when Gangnam style came in. Ah well, anyways the internet has gone completely nuts after this Pathan beauty and things have started looking even more exciting. There is a wave of social media enthusiasts and jihadists who have multiple views on this. Let’s go over them together shall we?

Here goes:

The Meme World

As soon as something comes up, Memes is probably the first thing that comes in however here it came in a bit late but a bit too hilarious. Here is Akbar Chaudry‘s list of Memes:

chaiwala 1chaiwala 2Chaiwala 3

Hilarious! Isn’t it? And then there was The Crazy Gentleman Faraz Ahmed who came up with these:

chaiwala 3chaiwala 4

Can’t get enough of these!

Chaiwala and Rest of the Internet

And then there were these:

Chaiwala 5Chaiwala 6 Chaiwala 7 14800783_10209503904188340_2126388277_n14798796_10209503904508348_1948490013_n

Brand World

Some local brands even tried capitalizing on the trend. Some were good, others failed miserably. Here are some of them:

14805536_10209503903308318_791814012_n 14794240_10209503904388345_727891828_n

The second one doesn’t really make sense though :s

The Facebook Jihaadist World

And then of course, how can we sleep at night without criticizing something. And this is what happened here as well. I’ll just put in one here to give you all a flavor:


What’s Next?

So the Chaiwala has been hired by as a model. And this is who he is now:


Honestly I think we all liked the chaiwala look better. But nonetheless, we are happy that Arshad Khan was able to make waves and find this opportunity. Talk about the benefits of Social Media eh?

And now that this trend is fading, there are a lot other in the pipeline we suppose


Who knows! He might be the next online sensation.

Chaiwala Photo Credits: Jiah’s Photography

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