Chai – The Kryptonite for Beverage Brands – #ChaiWars

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Welcome to Chai Wars

Welcome to Chai Wars

Yes. Chai Wars. No I’m not kidding, especially not when brands as big as Coca Cola and Nescafe go to the extent of degrading this natural drug for happiness and fundamental necessity (respectively; If you know what I mean).

This started a couple of days back when Nescafe decided to ask people to dis chai because “Like, OMG! Like, Its so old fashioned you know! Like Come On! Who does that anymore?”

Dis chai in 20 Rupees!
Dis Chai in 20 Rupees!

This was the TVC:

Yes there is a huge audience that drinks tea in the morning but then there are other people who have coffee. Stick to your market, getting people to switch from tea to coffee – That too in a country like Pakistan where we practically live on tea, is not a very wise decision I believe. If you want people to love coffee, then make them fall in love with coffee, its aroma, its kick and its personality. You don’t have to act like a distant phuppo who criticizes you all the time.

Then later Coca Cola took it to heart and did this:

Yes. They did do this. I’m not joking, and this is not manipulated in any way. This happened. Because well. It did. I don’t really know why. At least coffee and tea made some sense (if at all), but coke and tea? Who does that? You already have a pretty loveable brand which makes people happy. Why would you want them to ditch the one thing they actually do love. Which is Tea! And the jingle? Sohnia Coca Cola pila day was a big hit because it made people happy but this side tracks everything that the brand has done so far. Yes it is important to capitalize on on-going trends but you need to know where to stop.

Here is one radical explanation of how this went by:


And then other people (Read: Brands) started to talk about this trend too! Hurray!

This one by Meezan literally speaks my heart out:

I hope that brands take this controversial Chai topic off their lists soon or else there will be a lot more criticism coming their way soon.

What are your thoughts?

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