California Pizza Vs. Pizza Hut

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We are all looking for love and when we are not, we are looking for Pizza – Which is basically the same thing. With the rise of too many pizza joints in all parts of the country, I think its time to start comparing pizzas from different places. Today, I will be talking about two of these in particular – California PizzaPizza Hut and compare them on a four point scale including Salad, Garlic Bread, the level of service and their Pizza of course.

Let’s start things off then:


Pizza Hut’s salad has a larger variety and the flavor is just a bit too awesome. However, for some reason it feels a bit heavy. Yes, it depends on the choices you make in selecting your variety in the salad, but overall the thickness and viscosity is high. Also, their two sauces – Thousand Island and the French Dressing are both quite apt and balanced in flavor. On the other hand, California Pizza has a smaller variety, but their salad is always fresh and a bit light on the stomach. Yes, one major drawback is the French dressing which tastes slightly more edgy.

In my opinion, Pizza Hut’s Salad takes the lead here, but California Pizza’s Salad is still not that far away.

Garlic Bread

Moving on to the next best thing about Pizza joints that many people look forward to – Yes, some people actually look forward to having Garlic breads. In my opinion and based on all the tasting samples that I have done since the past 1 year, California Pizza’s Garlic Bread supreme has more cheese to it, while Pizza Hut seem to only use a smaller amount. California’s bread has a perfect harmony of crispiness and flavor while Pizza Hut’s bread is often not up to the mark.

In my opinion, California Pizza’s Garlic bread is definitely a winner.


Let’s face it. If you are not treated right at a restaurant, you will lose your love for that place despite their taste and quality. Luckily both these places have a good level of service with friendly people who have love taking care of the people who are coming in. At least I have not personally experienced any form of negativity from their employees at any moment.

In my opinion, both these places have a good level of service 🙂

The Pizza

So now it comes down to the actual good stuff. The cheese, the meat, the chicken, the vegetables, the dough, the sauces and the love that goes into creating the perfect pizza. Let’s start with Pizza Hut here shall we? First of all, I think they have lost their touch, and the quantity of the items that they use. You can hardly see any pieces of chicken/beef, its mostly cheese (that too feels a bit low in their usual quality), the dough is too thick (even for a deep pan Pizza) and from what I have heard many people saying which I have also started believing in – It tastes more like a roti saalan than a Pizza now. Over the years, it seems that they have started reducing their quality and have started focusing less on the actual product.

Now, let’s talk about California Pizza. From the dough to the quantity and quality of other ingredients, their pizza is a lot better than Pizza Hut. Even the size of the pizza seems (for some reason) larger. The quantity of cheese used is just right and it feels as if the cook has fallen in love with the Pizza. The sauces all add up perfectly and the ultimate flavor that comes in as a result is just too amazing to be put into words.

In my opinion, California Pizza has taken the lead here in terms of quality and quantity of their Pizza. I just hope that over the period of time, they do not start making the same mistake as Pizza Hut in terms of reducing the quality.

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