Brownie Melt at Mocca Coffee Karachi

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Yesterday we had a bit of a sweet tooth craving in the middle of the evening so we decided to give something new a shot. Something that we had all been hearing about since some time now. There is this place at Khayaban-e-Shahbaz named Mocca Coffee that had been rumored to have pretty amazing desserts, so we thought to put the name to the test and this is what happened next:

The Staff

We went in and were greeted by one of their staff members, though this wasn’t supposed to be a complete restaurant review, yet we thought that it is worth putting up the kind of hospitality at this place. Even on checkout the manager was concerned about the overall experience we had here.

The Ambiance

Light colors and a refreshing feel – That is what we believe is at the core of Mocca Coffee. Being inside you feel amazing, as opposed to some places that have resorted to darker color themes to give it a stronger feel, this place offers something a bit different, more relaxing.

The Brownie Melt

The perfect combination of hot and cold, chocolate and vanilla is what makes this an incredible dessert. The flavor of the chocolate was neither too dark, nor too light, yet it was at a harmony which is usually missing when served locally. We are people who usually enjoy cakes like death by chocolate with are so intense that you completely indulge in it. In such a case, this brownie melt keeps its head high with balanced approach. The scoop of ice cream served on top of a warm chocolate brownie gives this dessert the exciting different tangent. Though the Daredevil at Gelato Affair has been offering something similar since quite some time, but when comparing the two, we think that Gelato offers this with a dark chocolate cake whereas Mocca Coffee offers this with a more balanced chocolate brownie.

This is a must try dessert if you are in Karachi and are also a sweet fanatic 🙂

Here is the link to their Facebook page:

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