The Amir Khan Divorce Story

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Internet has an ugly side especially when you are a celebrity. This claim was proven true yesterday when something very ugly surfaced Twitter. You all must have heard the story by now along with the claims that their accounts were “hacked”.

First things first. This isn’t fake, no accounts were hacked and nothing was made up. It was purely ugly. Don’t believe us? Here is small video of Amir talking about putting the rumors to rest (As seen on The Telegraph):

Hard jabs and low-blows are not new when it comes to boxing and this Amir Khan divorce proves just that. What started-off as a tweet to inform the public about what has happened in his life:

The outrage on Social Media began short-after

Know what’s hilarious? Joshua’s Tweet! In case you missed it, here it goes:

Yes. He just did that. He used Shaggy as a reference and we can’t get over it.

On a side not: Faryal’s tweets aren’t there anymore on her profile. Right after when she claimed that her account was hacked.

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