Aman Foundation Public Training At Dolmen Mall Clifton

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Aman Foundation is one not-for-profit organization which doesn’t really need an introduction. With their groundbreaking efforts in the field of health and education, they have been serving the underprivileged community in Pakistan since a couple of years now. From their remarkable training facilities to highly equipped life-saving ambulances, Aman Foundation has helped thousands in their efforts. Recently, this not-for-profit organization set up a small activity in Dolmen Mall Clifton which started making waves on digital, soon after its launch.

First-aid medical training is something which is missing out of our curriculum in schools and as a result most of us are unable to do much in a medical emergency instead of waiting for help from authorities. To offset this loophole and to help people learn basic first-aid techniques, Aman foundation had set up an activity which started started from Dolmen Mall Clifton and then was replicated to other locations as well. This activity was conducted by trained paramedics currently operating under their health division. It included basic first-aid techniques to help those who might have been unfortunate to become a part of a calamity. For e.g. the session included the correct way to perform CPR. Now this is one thing that I think everyone should be aware of. You never know when you might need it to help save a life.

aman foundation cpr

With more than 840,000 interventions to date, Aman Foundation is a name of trust when it comes to emergency medical services. It is good to see such specialists going an extra mile to help save additional lives. We hope that Aman Foundation continues doing such amazing activities in future as well so that our community can collectively benefit from this and be able to help others in need.

To know more about Aman Foundation and their services, visit their website:

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