This Ad by Vicks will Definitely Make You Cry

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Vicks – a brand which has been passed on to us since forever has taken a stand to make a social issue stand out. They have created an ad for the support of rights for Transgenders. The ad shows the real life journey of a child who wants to become a lawyer instead of a doctor because she wants to fight for the rights for her foster mother – a transgender parent Gauri Sawant who adopts Gayatri and raises her as her own.

In simple words, this is not an advertisement, this is something beyond it. It is heartwarming and will definitely make you cry. Even if you are someone who doesn’t easily give in to emotions, this will take you overboard and if you are someone who is emotional then prepare yourself for a roller-coaster of a ride.

Presenting Generations of Care #TouchOfCare by Vicks:

We hope that brands continue to make such amazing pieces of art that force people to start thinking about others.

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