600 Saal Album by E Sharp – A Love Story Through Time

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E Sharp launched its new and most awaited album titled “600 Saal” on 21st of April 2017. In one word, it can be described as “Amazing”. The band which has so far made 150+ live performances, 2 amazingly viral songs “Jiey Bhutto” and “Superman” have now launched their second album 600 Saal. Their previous album was nominated for Lux Style Awards, and we are confident that this one deserves a standing ovation from the crowd.

The album which revolves around a love story dating back 600 years is one of its kind. In the year 1417, Mehtab, the singer at the Royal Darbar is sentenced to death for pursuing a love affair with Princess Shabana. While the Princess commits suicide fearing the inevitable, Mehtab manages to escape the prison the night before his execution with the help of a mystical old man named Allah Inayat. The old man claiming to know the unspoken secrets of the universe tells Mehtab that lovers who are separated by tragic death are bound to meet again after every 600 years. He offers him a potion, drinking which will make a person sleep through centuries without aging. Mehtab agrees to travel through time to find his lost love.

He wakes up in 2017 in the city of Karachi with the only goal of finding Shabana and is accompanied by his two friends from the 15th century. Unable to understand the changes and complexities brought by 600 years, they can’t do much to find Shabana.

When all fails, Mehtab and his friends are reminded that while everything has changed, the power of music as a universal language of love remains the same. They realize that they must make music to reach out to Shabana. Thus, they start singing songs and spread their music around.

They also launched their new music video for the title track of the album:

The band went live from Patari’s Facebook page on 21st of April, while being at T2F to promote their album and the response was quite amazing. There are a couple of other things also lined up for the album including a series of live performances starting off with one at The Music Cafe on 6th of May, followed by other performances at multiple venues. Want to listen to the complete album? Visit Patari to listen to it now! http://patari.pk/home/album/E-Sharp-600-Saal

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