3 Ways to make the most of What A Deal by KFC!

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I don’t know about you but I personally think that KFC Pakistan has recently up their game when it comes to creating new offers and creating campaigns. From their firecrackers to Ramadan deals and CSR activity, they have been bringing something new and exciting to the table every now and then.

Under their What-A-Deal campaign KFC Pakistan is giving away four zinger burgers and a 1.75 litre Pepsi for only Rs. 900. Yes! That is right, Rs. 900 only. Sounds too good to be true right? Well, it is a limited time offer and might end soon so take this moment to grab your favorite zingers in town with this mouthwatering deal.

If you look at their creative closely, you’ll see that they have now started talking to the youth. So we decided to list down three ways you can use this limited time offer at your advantage:

Birthday Coming Up?

If you have a birthday coming up soon and are worried about treating the three closest friends to you under a tight budget then look no further, with four zingers and a 1.75 litre drink you can surely satisfy their taste buds and for once you will be able to not give them a chance to complain.

What a Deal

Casual Lunch with Friends

So 900 with four zingers and a drink means roughly 225 per person. Not a bad way to make your lunch with friends exciting especially when it’s the last week of the month and you are almost broke but still want to eat out.

what a deal

Do a Zinger Competition

Caution! This is not for the faint hearted.

what a deal

Have you ever thought to yourself that you can do a lot better than everyone else? You know, like eating up four zingers and a drink on your own? Yes? Well it does sound exciting doesn’t it? Here is your chance to show everyone what you are made of!

4 Zingers… Pfft! You can’t do that!

Cutting it short, this is a limited time offer and probably wouldn’t last a very long time. So, head to your nearest KFC or order online at https://kfcpakistan.com/

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