3 Reasons Why Mr Burger is Still Love

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If you are someone who loves burgers (specifically beef – and even more specifically juicy burgers), then you might have come across this age old chain in Pakistan called Mr Burger. In the midst of all the Johnnys and the Hardees of the world, our recent adventure with Mr Burger took us down the memory lane and I decided to write this little post with 3 reasons about why Mr Burger is still love. Here goes!

The Juice!

First thing is first. The juiciness of the patties is unparalleled. Very few people are able to bring out the savory flavor of beef and mix it up with the right amount of goodness to make your experience amazing. As complicated as it might sound, it is still one of the most juiciest burgers I have had since a long time. And I have definitely tried a lot. The kind of flavor that you get at Mr Burgers is not something which is easy to pull off.

New Mr Burger Outlets

The previous outlets by Mr Burger were not so amazing to be honest however after the recent makeover by the food joint, they have opened up a series of new outlets. The one that I went to was at Shahra-e-Faisal and personally I loved what they had done to the place – specially the wall.

Mr Burger

A Walk Down the Memory Line

Mr Burger was there since the beginning. It was one of the coolest burger joints of its time and we all had spent a good portion of our time at this place. For me personally, it was a walk down the memory line. From the cool local burger joint where you would take your foreign cousins who visit you once a year to the lovely smell of a beef burger that would just make you go to their outlet, visiting this place made me feel like a little child again.

Its good to see that they are making an effort in making things amazing again while maintaining their food quality. Have you been to Mr Burger recently? What was your experience like? Share in the comments section below.

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