3 Cool Weight Loss Tips to support your New Year Resolution

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Okay so the new year is here and most of you would already have a “Lose Weight This Year” New Year Resolution. Right? Of course you do. We all do. This is why we decided to write a few weight loss tips to help you “actually” reach this goal. Though these are going to look a bit cliched, trust us there are some gems that you can pick up in these. Here goes the list!

Fitness Regime

So, the first thing off the list is to build a fitness regime that suits you. No, we don’t mean that you should immediately get up on a Monday morning and sign up for an expensive gym which you might end up never going to. What we mean by this is to take a step by step approach in your workout. Watch this video to get an idea about what we are actually talking about. This is one of the coolest weight loss tips that is going to help you progress forward.

Eating Twist

Weight loss is not a sprint. It is instead a marathon. What do we mean with this? Well, to cut it short, you are not going to lose weight overnight, even if you are using some extreme diet and fitness regime, you will sooner or later end up quitting it and gaining even more weight that before. Don’t do this to yourself. Make a sensible choice. One of the really cool weight loss tips is to eat half of the portion of what you used to eat. So, if you have to chapatis in dinner, try to shift to one and then to a healthier alternative in the future. DO NOT CUT YOUR INTAKE IMMEDIATELY. A hunger pang is going to put you a couple of KGs up on the scale again otherwise.

Cheat Meal, Not Yourself

This happens with almost all of us when we start working out or focus on losing weight. It starts off with a cheat meal on a Friday night, which ends up being a cheat weekend at times and then a cheat month -_-. Annoying. Isn’t it? So don’t fall in that trap. Keep yourself in control and make a decision to keep yourself from cheating on your diet.

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